Russ had a modest upbringing in the East End of London and through two careers, he yearned to explore his creativity. Photography has been his lifetime means of self-expression and to develop his photographic understanding, studied Photography at the University of Plymouth and earned his BA (Hons) Degree.

As someone with higher functional autism his view of the world, his interpretation of it and its many constantly evolving facets often become their own dichotomy; his perception of ‘the everyday.’ He quoted ‘Should just one person connect with one of my images, then I am successful: giving a single soul a place or space to ‘just be,’ no greater compliment could I receive.’

His aim is to inject tensions and juxtapositions through careful composition and lighting. It is the process by which he is able to explore the world around him; his experiences of pain and pleasure, inquiry and inspiration, allowing the viewer to depict their own stories through them.

Space, outside ourselves, invades and ravishes things:

If you want to achieve the existence of a tree,

Invest it with inner space, this space

That has its being in you. Surround it with compulsions,

It knows no bounds, and only really becomes a tree

If it takes its place in the heart of your renunciation. (Rilke)